Starting a Business


When selecting a location for a new business, it is essential to determine how the property is zoned since the type of business conducted at the location must be a permitted use. To check the zoning of any property located in Tipp City, simply call the Tipp City Government Center at 937-667-6305 and give the property address. The permitted uses are listed and defined in the Tipp City Zoning Code

Use Compliance Certificate

When starting a new business, an approved Use Compliance Certificate is required prior to opening. The permit fee is $40.  This Certificate provides an inclusive review by multiple city departments to ensure compliance with local regulations through one application and one point-of-contact with the City, simplifying the process for the business. The Use Compliance Certificate includes verification of compliance with the Zoning Code, Fire Code, City Engineering Standards, and Utilities Code, as well as ensuring necessary information is available for the Tax Department, Police Department, and GIS (Geographic Information Services).


All identifying and advertising signage for any business is required to have a permit. Size and placement requirements can be found in the Tipp City Zoning Code or by calling the Tipp City  Community Development  Department at 937-667-6305.