Residential Trash Pick-Up – New Hauler, Republic Services, as of Oct 3, 2022

Republic Services will be the new refuse & recycling hauler for residential properties in Tipp City starting October 3rd.  No action is necessary for existing customers.  Tipp City will continue to bill for trash services on your monthly utility bill.  You can find the full brochure from Republic by clicking here.   All residential dwellings in Tipp City are required to use Republic Services as their refuse hauler.

Rumpke picked up their carts and bins during the week of September 26th.  If you still have a Rumpke cart or bin please set those items out to the street as Rumpke will be doing periodic sweeps throughout the City during October to finalize the collection of their carts and bins.

Republic has completed the delivery of all carts to Tipp City residents.  All residents should have received carts for both trash and recycling.  There is no additional charge for recycling carts as they have replaced the open top red bins.

Missing a Republic Services Trash or Recycle Cart?

If you did NOT receive a trash cart or a recycle cart from Republic, please email or call the utility billing office during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 937-667-8424.  Please specify your Tipp City service address as well as the size (either 35 or 96 gallon) and type (black lid for trash or blue lid for recycle) of cart that is missing.   These requests to receive a cart that missed being delivered by Republic are being handled as promptly as possible.  Please give the utility billing office several days to process your request.  Furthermore, know that Republic will pick up all residential trash placed at the curb during the month of October, even if it is sitting at the curb in a bag and not in a Republic provided cart.  

Changing Service Options

If you wish to change to your existing service, this can be arranged with the utility billing staff after November 1, 2022.  This allows time for the proper delivery & correction of the initial delivery of carts so that all residents have trash & recycle carts from Republic.   Please feel free to email your requests after November 1st to or call our offices at 937-667-8424 beginning in November to request a change in service options.


The billing for trash & recycling will continue to be part of your Tipp City utility bill.  If you have any questions on the billing of trash or need to change the type of service you are receiving please contact Tipp City Utilities at 937-667-8424.

Republic Services Contact Information

If you have questions or problem with service (i.e. large item pick up, or they did not pick up my trash), please contact Republic Services at 877-535-0573.