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1. I am a college student and live away from Tipp City while attending school. Do I have to file a return?
2. I am retired. Do I have to pay tax?
3. I am under the age of 18, but am working. Do I have to file a return?
4. I have only lived in Tipp City for a few months. What do I have to do?
5. I live in Tipp City and work in Dayton. Do I get a refund?
6. I live in Tipp City, but my employer does not withhold city tax. Can I pay all of my Tipp City tax when I file my return?
7. What documents do I have to attach to my return?
8. What is the Tipp City tax rate?
9. When is my Tipp City tax return due?
10. Who is required to file a Tipp City tax return?