Emergency Phone Alerts

In the event of a significant emergency, weather event, or other catastrophe, citizens can be alerted by telephone with information and instructions.

However, our telephone contact database is limited to publicly published wireline numbers only. We encouraging anyone who would like to be included in the MCENS to sign up online to receive alerts. Your emergency notification sign up can include wireline telephones (traditional phone service), VoIP phone service, and/or wireless devices (cell phones, PDA, etc.); virtually any device as long as there is a ten digit telephone number assigned to it. You are not limited to the number of phone numbers you can enter for notification.


This system will only be used for emergency purposes or other limited situations where timely notification is necessary. Examples of times when the system could be utilized: drinking water contamination, utility outage, evacuation notice & route, missing person, fires or floods, bomb threat, hostage situation, chemical spill or gas leak, other emergency incidents, and construction project updates where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety.