E-File Taxes

  • Tipp City residents can now use the Online Tax Tool to prepare and electronically file their yearly Tipp City income tax return. Upon completion of your return, you will receive a confirmation number indicating your return was successfully filed. If you submitted your return electronically and did not upload your Federal return and W-2s showing the local taxes withheld, or if you choose to only use the Online Tax Tool to prepare your return, you will need to:
  1. Print the completed form.
  2. Sign the form.
  3. Attach the appropriate documentation (a copy of the W-2s showing local income tax withheld, pages one and two of your Federal return as well as your Federal Schedule 1 and all other applicable schedules (C, E and F).
  4. Mail the return to the Tipp City Tax Department at the address:
    260 S Garber Drive
    Tipp City, OH 45371-3116

Forms are also available upon request and can be mailed to you by calling 937-667-8426 anytime during the hours of Monday-Friday 8 a.m - 5 p.m.

Begin filing your return electronically through our online tax tool.