Frequently Asked Questions

Many answers refers to Tipp City Codified Ordinances which can be found online for reference.

Abandoned or Junk Vehicles
An abandoned or junk vehicles is defined in City ordinance 98.04 as a motor vehicle:
1.  Left on private property for more than 72 hours without the permission of the person having the right to the possession of the property, on a public street or other property open to the public for purposes of vehicular travel or parking, or on or within the right-of-way of any road or highway, for 48 hours or longer;

2.  Three years old, or older;

3.  Extensively damaged, such damage including, but not limited to any of the following:  missing wheels, tires, motor, or transmission.

Such vehicles can be reported to the police department by calling the dispatch center at 440-9911.

No person under 18 years of age shall be upon the public streets, sidewalks, alleys, or any unsupervised place in the city of Tipp City between the hours of 11:00 pm to 6:00 am on weekdays, and between the hours of 12:00 midnight to 6:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dumping of unwanted items is illegal in the City of Tipp City.  Unwanted items can be disposed of by contacted Waste Management and arranging for pickup.

It is unlawful for any person to possess or sell fireworks in the City of Tipp City.  Further, it is unlawful for any person to discharge, ignite, or explode any fireworks within the municipality.  § 76.22

Fire Lanes
It is illegal to park or stop in a fire lane at any time.  Fire lanes are marked by yellow curbing or striping and signs.

Garage Sales
Garage sales do not require a permit and are permissible with the following guide lines:

Only one sign may be posted and only on the property where the event is being held.  The sign may be posted 24 hours preceding the event and must be removed 2 hours after the event has ended.  The maximum height of the sign shall not exceed 3 feet above the ground and shall not exceed 4 square feet in total size.

House Numbers
House numbers shall be displayed in a conspicuous place on the front of the building.  The numbers must be at least 3 inches in height.

Reflective numbers and green reflective base plates are offered for sale by the Tipp City Fire Department.  For more information contact the Fire Department at 937-667-9199.

Litter Control
Littering is illegal in the City of Tipp City.  Please do your part and use proper trash receptacles to preserve the beauty of the City.  Refer to City Ordinance: § 55.02  ILLEGAL DUMPING, § 94.03  DISCARDING LITTER PROHIBITED

Loud or annoying noise is governed bu City Ordinance, refer to City Ordinance: § 132.04  DISORDERLY CONDUCT,  § 72.65  MECHANICAL EXHAUST BRAKING

Open Burning
A recreational fire may be kindled providing the following restrictions are adhered to:

The fire is not offensive or objectionable because of smoke or odor emissions or when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous.

The wind velocity must be less than 10 MPH as indicated by the National Weather Service and is in a direction to carry smoke away from neighbors.  This can be monitored on cable TV Channel 6.

The fire must be located a minimum of 25 feet from any structure.  Conditions which could cause a fire to spread within 25 feet of a structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

It must be fueled with clean dry wood, natural gas or equivalent.

Fire extinguishing materials must be at site of burning at all times.

The fire shall be attended by a sober, responsible adult at all times.

The fire shall be extinguished immediately when the event is completed and/or the responsible adult is leaving the fire.

The fire shall be limited in size not larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.

A recreational fire is one that is intended for cooking or enjoyment of those present.

Trash, yard debris, leaves or any other smoke producing materials shall not be burned.

There are a number of parking regulations in Tipp City, please refer to section  for more information.  There is additional parking available in the Downtown are, look for sign to direct you. § 76.04 PARKING PROHIBITIONS

Permits are required street or alley closings, placing of dumpster in public right of way, solicitors, RV parking.  Please contact the City of Tipp City for additional information on required permits.

Pet / Animal Regulations
No person owning or having control of a dog or any animal or fowl, shall permit it to run at large in any street, alley, public park (except the dog park located in Kyle Park), other public ground, or permit any animal to go upon any private yard or lot without the consent of the property owner.

No person shall keep a dog which engages in loud and frequent or habitual barking, howling or yelping, which causes annoyance or disturbance to the neighborhood.

The owner or person in control of any dog which defecates upon any property not owned by this person, shall pick up and remove all feces deposited by the dog and dispose of it in a sanitary manner.

The City of Tipp City has specific requirements for sign placement, refer to section § 154.090 – 154.112  for specific information.

Skateboarding is not permitted on any public or private property unless permission is obtained from the property owner. The City of Tipp City maintains a skateboard facility in Kyle Park


Chief of Police

Eric Burris



Upcoming Events

Capital Improvement Plan Workshop

Sep 25, 2017 | 260 S. Garber Drive
The Capital Improvement Plan Workshop will begin at 3pm and be held at the Tipp City Government Center 260 S. Garber Drive Tipp City, OH 45371

Restoration Board

Sep 26, 2017 | 260 S Garber Drive
7:30 PM at the Tipp City Government Center     The Restoration Board meeting is held on the fourth Tuesday each month.

City Council

Oct 2, 2017 | 260 S. Garber Drive
City Council Meetings begin at 7:30PM and are held at the Tipp City Government Center 260 S. Garber Drive Tipp City, OH 45371

Tree Board

Oct 11, 2017 | 260 S. Garber Drive
The Tree Board meets at 5:15PM on the second Wednesday of even months.  Meetings are held at the Tipp City Government Center, 260 S. Garber Drive, Tipp City, OH, 45371