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Tipp City Police Department Pay & Benefits

City Population    9,689 as of 2010 Census   
 Personnel   Sworn full-time                 19
Civilian full-time                3
Civilian part-time              1  
 Job Description Police Officer
 Residency Miami County and Adjoining Counties  
 Compensation  Entry Level Rate              $ 25.10 per hour
Maximum Rate                $ 33.11 per hour   
 Education Incentive Cost of tuition and books reimbursed for job- related courses leading to a degree based on grade received
(A=100%, B=85%, C=75%). Upon receipt of degree, additional compensation as follows:
Associate Degree –   $.20 per hour
Bachelor Degree  –   $.40 per hour
 Shift Differential Afternoon shift    –   $.20 per hour
Midnight shift     –   $.40 per hour 
 Overtime Time and one-half (1½) for hours worked over 80 per pay period. 
 Compensatory Time At employee’s option in lieu of overtime pay at the rate of time and one-half (1½). The maximum number of
hours that can be  accumulated is 80.  120 Hours used each year. 
 Holiday Pay 9 Holidays, employee receives 8 hours pay for the holiday plus time and one-half (1½) first 8 hours
worked on the holiday and double time for any additional hours worked.   
 Court Time 3 hour minimum 
 Personal Hours 32 hours per year
 Clothing Allowance New employee provided with all necessary uniforms and equipment. After first year annual allowance of
$650 is provided. Any unused portion carried over to following year.     
 Off-Duty Gun Allowance Up to $300 is provided for purchase of off-duty weapon.   
 Sick Leave 12 days per year, unlimited accumulation 
 Health/Dental Insurance Employee pays 12 % of premium cost. 
 Life Insurance  $35,000
 Vacation Leave     After Completion of:    Entitlement:                  

  1 – 6 years                         80 hours
  7 – 13 years                      120 hours
  14 – 22 years                    160 hours
  23rd year and after           200 hours 
  Maximum accumulation limited to 120 hour


Chief of Police

Eric Burris



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